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I also took pictures of Adam Robertson.

He’s a pretty cool guy.

Photos I took of Tom Milsom at the Exceptionally Ordinary Tour in Seattle that I’m just now posting a month later.

If anyone sees three blue bead candy raver bracelets on Tom Milsom’s arms in any pictures from The¬†Exceptionally Ordinary Tour, I made and gave those to him and it makes me happy to see that he’s wearing them.

Like super happy.

Tom Milsom signed my ferry schedule.
He drew sharks in the ocean.
It now just hangs on my wall.


My friend Will had a bonding hair touching moment with Tom Milsom.

It was awesome, his hair was like caressing azure angel feathers. Safe to say I hope my hair felt like soft, succulent bear fur, Just to make Todd happy. He sure looked beat up about not getting it cleared by the state board.

Reblogging because of that beautiful description Will just gave about Tom Milsom’s hair.
Meeting Adam Robertson. And then realizing I met him before at the Showbox too when I met Tom Milsom for the first time back in March.
Either way, he’s hilarious.

Meeting Tom Milsom for the second time. He remembered me when I met him at the Showbox in March. I gave him 3 blue bead bracelets that I made. He said he’ll wear them for the rest of the tour. He also signed my ferry schedule.

We hung out after the show and I gave him a cigarette I owed him from last time. He’s too awesome.