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Chillin in Coronado
I turn 21 tomorrow.
turn up turn up
My hat came in the mail yesterday.
My wisdom tooth extraction went well yesterday even if I did kept saying I felt like Doctor Who when I woke up.
Like I felt like I was only out for 5 minutes when in reality it was probably an hour.
But now I have to live off of pudding, jello, yogurt, and oatmeal for the next two weeks.
My friend Mikey and I decided to get cute and skype and drink beer.
リサフランクAESTHETIC / 現代のコンピュー
I entered the KFC Adult Swim T-Shirt sweepstakes a few months ago and I was one of the winners and I just got my prizes in the mail.
An Adult Swim shirt and two $5 gift checks to KFC.
Right on.
Going to the San Diego Aquabats show soon.
Come look for me if you’re going.
My boyfriend is gonna be too busy at the bar and I’ll be in the crowd with my little brother.
I haven’t really been on because I’ve just been sad and I can’t go enjoy summer because I have no friends to go enjoy it with.
I got a new Salior Moon tank top though.
Tell me how your summers have been going.
bleh summer