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Me and aswekillthenight.
Hella. Tumblr besties.
I’m in LA with a place to stay and I’m not dead.
So yay.
LA bound tonight.
I might have a place to stay or sleep in a car.
Who knows?
i think i’ll wait for the next bus because fuck it looks
off to school to study for an upcoming exam looks
about to go ride on a public bus and trolley looks
Watching the eclipse.
The moon is actually not full. My webcam just makes it seem like it.
Spending Saturday at home because I’m a huge loser with no friends to hit up.
It’s cold in my apartment and I wanted a reason to put on a jumper in San Diego.
Part of my hair is teal now if you didn’t see last night.
turn down for what
hey bitches
good afternoon, everybody
turn up turn up
turn up turn up