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Going to the San Diego Aquabats show soon.
Come look for me if you’re going.
My boyfriend is gonna be too busy at the bar and I’ll be in the crowd with my little brother.
I haven’t really been on because I’ve just been sad and I can’t go enjoy summer because I have no friends to go enjoy it with.
I got a new Salior Moon tank top though.
Tell me how your summers have been going.
bleh summer
Hi, I’m Val and I dress like trash.
nice day but stuck inside
summer time lovin
We’re waiting on my stepsister right now.
She’s suppose to pick us up.
It’s my dad’s girlfriend’s birthday today.
We’re going out to lunch.
Going out to dinner looks.
I really liked my make up today.
Too bad I didn’t go anywhere.
I brushed all my hair forward and boy does it look cute.
Now I’m a real girl.